Bones + ACF

For years and years, I developed web sites with ExpressionEngine. EE is great: I love it. I started with something like 1.2 and worked my way up to version 2.10. The ease of creating templates, and pulling in database content into those templates, just really fit my brain and method of developing web sites. The… Read more Bones + ACF

Christmas Movies

My two favorite Christmas movies are: Elf Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas Both movies are incredibly sweet, with great music and humor. We watch them every year.

All in on WP

Am I going all in with WordPress? I guess so. Most of the site I develop for clients sites use WP, with a smaller number using ExpressionEngine. And it feels like more and more clients, including my wife, are requesting WP. EE is much better to develop for (Drupal is even better), but WP seems… Read more All in on WP

Improving Myself

How do I make myself more desirable as a web developer? I need to improve my coding and interpersonal skills Coding Skills I want to improve with JavaScript, WordPress (PHP), and iOS (objective-C), while mastering my usage of Linux and command line scripting. JavaScript Grunt Plugins Node Need a node-capable server Single page applications Like… Read more Improving Myself