Patti Smith has Advice

What matters is to know what you want, and pursue it, and understand that it’s gonna be hard. Because life is really difficult. You’re gonna lose people you love. You’re gonna suffer heartbreak. Sometimes you’ll be sick, sometimes you’ll have a really bad toothache, sometimes you’ll be hungry. But on the other end, you’ll have the most beautiful experiences. Sometimes just the sky. Sometimes a piece of work that you do that feels so wonderful. Or you find somebody to love, or children. There are beautiful things in life, so when you’re suffering, it’s part of the package. You know, we’re born, and we also have to die. We know that. So it makes sense that we’re gonna be really happy and things are gonna be really fucked up too. Just ride with it. It’s like a rollercoaster ride. It’s never gonna be perfect. It’s gonna have perfect moments, and then rough spots. But it’s all worth it. Believe me. I think it is.

From Patti Smith